Saturday, June 25, 2011


in the middle of the night,
login into my facebook account
keep updating my status fer today,
he's so loyal to be my commento
my gayfriend AKIM haha lol :D
keeping me cheering up with that nonsense talk
haha hey gayfriend you make me smile
when im already in mood fer sleep
we replying comments with BAHASA INDONESIA
things I didn't do fer a long time
since chats with my indonesian friends in YAHOO MESSENGER
really a long time ago! [when Y.M still relevance i thought so! now not.]
bringing back some old memories in mind..
actually i already forgotten how to talk INDO~~
you BRING IT UP yaww gayfriend AKIM :p

Sunday, June 19, 2011

a father to my son.

19 june 2011
fathers day

happy fathers day to you ash
hope you will be a good daddy to our son
everyday & always
take care love ♥

Friday, June 17, 2011

there you are baby girl.

8:28 am
ampang puteri medical centre

my sister-in-law,my hubby younger sister had delivered her baby!
she was a girl.
first ever grand-daughter of mrs&mr.jabar after a long list of grandsons.
she's lookin cute just like her but more into her 'papa' looks :)
congratulation amiza & ibrahim.
may ARRIYANA DANISYA always brings sunshine in your life.

life journey

when I started reading islamic books && magazines,
I realized that i was far from the Islam's thought.
Im started thinking of wearing hijab,
what every womens in Islam should do by first.
Im trying to wear hijab today.
all day long suffer, hot && sweat.
I know I have to sacrifice.
give me some more guidance Allah
I want to be YOUR slaves of sholehah.

[ those are photos of me wearing hijab for the first time ever after leaving school year ]

heyy babe can you teach me yuna's and hana tajima shawl style please :)

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


salam 1Malaysia :)
lame sudaa x update blog ni.hehe.lately malas nk menaip byk-byk.dtg musim penyakit malas.
tapi disebalik tabir yg korg xnmpak, sbnr nye aku mengerjakan blog2 pelanggan aku..
bina blog mereka & buat secantik mungkin ikut ape yg diorg inginkan.
padahal blog sendiri rupa dh macam mangkuk tingkat.hehe.
so,klau korg perlukan khidmat aku,bg tau je lah k!
bawah2 ni gamba antare blog2 yg aku buatkan utk klien :)

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