Wednesday, July 13, 2011


im rarely open up my lappy.
the reason is i'd already started my practical training at Prince Court Medical Center just week ago.
working in food and beverage department needs me to be stronger than i am.
so when i came home, i be a very lazy snail cuz i feel so so tired and got my body muscles in such hell pain.
what i do is takes diner, then go to sleep.zzZZzz.
there is no longer had a free and happily online time.
today i just wanted to update this so blur for your reading.haha.
im sorry!
i dunno when will be my next online cuz my maxis prepaid broadband will expired few more minutes.
havva good time bloggers!

my workplace :)

Monday, July 4, 2011


omagahh my favourite indonesian actor already married?
really? to TITI KAMAL.
yeah dude thats right. it's CHRISTIAN SUGIONO
super handsome.super hot.super sexayyy.
haha. dun care that much actually.
I love to watch all his acts. keep it up dude! <3<3<3

Sunday, July 3, 2011


there's enjoying when im started involved in business
so many business i had store,,accessories..many more.
yesterday i tried to business in selling drinks in cup.
for the first's quite fun.
we can see many type of people..
even eira syazira and azad jasmi also buy drinks from me.
so next time i'll continue in this business..insyaallah. if have free time.

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