Friday, September 30, 2011

u are growing fast,that i cannot stop it.

tiktok~~ it's 12.00 a.m of 01/10/2011. SATURDAY.

it's my son's birthday today. U are growing too fast son, I still remember how hard delivered him in labour stress I am had to woke up at least 3 times in tha middle of tha night to feed him..
Now you just reached 1 years old.

Time is waiting nobody, you will keep growing..i didn't like it but i can't stop it.
I wish that you will always be my little sweet baby panda..but it is hell impossible aite..

this shot is taken by myself on his very first day see tha world <3
latest of tha latest. eid mubarak 2011 <3
family picture <3


mummy always love and care for you <3

Thursday, September 29, 2011


I should be happy because out of 5 person who came for interviewed, i got tha job first.
But now it's vice versa.I'm confused thinking of if i'm taking this opportunity, i can't turn back if bonded with long period contract so if other much more good job is coming, i cannot take it anymore.

i'll report my first day duty on next following week.i still have time to refuse but i'm the one who say i wanna take tha job, they will put blame on me says it's my fault for confirm without thinking it deeply.

hurmm, take it or just refuse tho??

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

beauty in hijab

story~mory, ikaa masuk contest kat blog mariawakeashima ni saje.just for fun! chill bebeyh!

"all women in world has their own beauty, but it will be beauty more when u covered your hair from mens eyes."


presenting this comot serabai ikaa..entering diz! wohooo! :p

freak malay girl.

who's freak? yes, im freak. a freak~weird malay girl.
because of what? because im prefered to write in english,more than malay. but im prefered to speak in malay,more than english.
look how weird i am?? ahaha..diz is what we call 'anak melayu tak sedar diri'. agree wimme? :p

it's been a long time i didn't use malay words in my blog. so today i sorely wanna write in malay. so badly. haha. mereng sudaa~

story is, ( aiseyh ter-tulis english lagi ..please la okay! )
al-kisah nye mcm ni, aku ni mmg dari skolah suka sgt menulis dlm bahase omputeh, nk wat camne sbb subjek english aku mmg power doww~ blueks! :p tapi masalah nya aku ni tak gheti, ( bukan xgheti la kan, tapi x 'fluent' ) nk speaking omputeh..menulis mmg power,tp bila nk menyebut, sepatah haram pun tegagap-gagap nk keluar dari mulut ni..
aku ade apply satu keje yg memerlukan aku fasih berbahasa inggeris,tapi time aku jwb call utk interview tu pun aku dah tergagap nk cakap dgn minah tersebut.. takut ohh nnt klau interview diorg tanye soalan mcm2 kat aku, jawabnye mmg mengalir laaa..mengalir air mata! kirim salam syg la mmg xkan dpt keje tersebut klau aku gagap nk speaking london. alamak hai,camna ni..nk wat lagu mana ya..?

oh my god please help me bout diz!

gambar ter-latest menggedik sblh tong sampah.kohkohkoh! :)

Saturday, September 24, 2011

NUFFNANG's happy-o-metres :)


It's time to update my blog since...errr..can't remember lol! :D

Yup i'll end up my internship practical training at Prince Court Medical Centre early of next month doww..happy to be out of such bloody hell yeah :)

So,i've been lookin' for jobs tat might be suits fer plus with high payroll & office hour only..buekks~ ;p

Im keep searchin' on MUDAH.MY (currently my fav spot to seek job) and JOBSMALAYSIA.. are there any website i can surf to find jobs please anybadehh?

caption: coffee macaroons, my demi-chef made it. garnishing for yummy chocolate mud cake plating :)
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