Thursday, September 29, 2011


I should be happy because out of 5 person who came for interviewed, i got tha job first.
But now it's vice versa.I'm confused thinking of if i'm taking this opportunity, i can't turn back if bonded with long period contract so if other much more good job is coming, i cannot take it anymore.

i'll report my first day duty on next following week.i still have time to refuse but i'm the one who say i wanna take tha job, they will put blame on me says it's my fault for confirm without thinking it deeply.

hurmm, take it or just refuse tho??


  1. Sy rasa take it..:D sebab tak tau bila rezeki akan datang :D

  2. lee-yan-naa ; serba salah laa..keje tu ok mmg ok, keje call org je..tapi klau kene ikat kontrak,if keje lain dtg..lagi bagus dari yg ni..nyesal lak nnt..ntah laa..bak kate pepatah, yg dikejar xdapat,yg dikendong b'ciciran..ku tak tahu..tak tahu yang mana satu! ( cehh nyanyi mcm juliana banos lak! :p


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